With the recent release of Flutter 2.0 version which includes a stable version for web support. The question to be answered is Flutter web the future.

The simple answer is we don't know. The web industry has been running with various old techniques with integration and support of new languages which help the process easy. There are various other alternative ways to build websites that don’t require coding experience. Building a website has never been this easy. But the problem is the consistency of the UI. Consistency in different devices like android, IOS, are major factors that influence user interaction. Having a familiar interface among all devices helps the customer have an enjoyable experience and easy navigation for better performance and quick response. Flutter can be able to fill the gap as it requires fewer resources and faster deployment.

  1. The flutter is still in the early phases of development. The basic features which are very necessary for the websites to rank like SOP, keywords, slug, and URL management and response which are key ascents for website ranking are not present.
  2. The routing is another area where flutter web is lacking. The present complexity of routing in flutter web makes it difficult for the developer.
  3. The availability of widgets- As flutter web recently came into the limelight, the widgets which play a crucial role in flutter development are not compatible with the web.
  4. Cannot be used to build static content websites.
  1. Same code base- The major advantage of flutter is having the same code base for all the operating systems. As told before, the flutter team wants to target the problem and find an easy and consistent solution.
  2. Flutter web is best to build single-page apps or existing flutter mobile apps
  3. Different compilers for deployment and development- Flutter uses different compilers for development and deployment which helps to run the application faster, smoother.

The future of the flutter web depends on the factor like the updates from the development team, the usability and the reach to developers. But currently, it is not up to par with the existing system.